Positive Law in Cleveland values diversity, cooperation, innovation, and inclusivity in business

Startup Law

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or emerging enterprise, we’ll work with you hand-in-hand to address your legal needs to help you grow confidently.

Our Values

We value entrepreneurs and community leaders who are forward-thinking, innovative, and aim to create enterprises that take care of their employees and the communities where they operate.

Cooperative Enterprise Law

Cooperative Law requires special legal knowledge and expertise. We help clients startup, convert, merge, and sell worker-owned cooperatives and other types of cooperatives including ESOPs.


Shift Into

Your Best Business Model

At Positive Law LLC, we help good people make great things happen.

Positive Law LLC provides legal services, business assistance, and commercial mediation services to individuals and groups looking to successfully start, sustain, and grow their enterprises.  We specialize in fostering enterprises that are good for your employees, your community, and the planet.

At Positive Law LLC, we offer free initial virtual consultations.  Please call (800) 806-1803 or email us here or at info@positivelaw.co.