Startup Law

Positive Law, LLC provides startup legal assistance to businesses and organizations forming in the Cleveland area and throughout Ohio.  Together we build enterprises that innovate, cooperate, and collaborate to solve the problems of today and sustain into the generations of tomorrow.  Wherever you are in the startup process, Positive Law, LLC can help you with the important legal aspects of starting your enterprise.

What Is Startup Law?

Startup and emerging enterprise law is different from traditional corporate law. It requires business attorneys to have knowledge of complex issues regarding choice of legal entity and formation, taxation, capital raising and securities law, as well as intellectual property protection and employment law.

What Choice of Legal Entity is Right for your Enterprise?

Positive Law, LLC can advise you of your legal entity options, whether that is a Cooperative, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Corporation (C-Corp, S-Corp, or Nonprofit Corp).  Based on your particular circumstances and goals, we will work together to create the legal entity best suited for you.    

It is especially important to talk to a Cleveland startup business lawyer early on in your business development, especially if you are considering forming an enterprise with multiple people or are interested in exploring a cooperative model of business.  Having a trusted business attorney and accountant that you can call upon for advice and guidance is essential to a successful enterprise.  Successful enterprises require planning, research, and preparation.  We can help you with all of that and connect you to useful networks of other professionals and business owners.    

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Positive Law, LLC provides the following types of startup legal and business services:
  • Business planning and design
  • Entrepreneurship coaching and consulting
  • Pre-launch, startup, and growth strategic planning
  • Business development and capital raising strategy
  • Choice of business entity and formation (sole proprietorship, partnerships, cooperatives, work-owned coops, multi-stakeholder entities, LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, B-Corps (Public Benefit Corps) and Nonprofits)
  • Founder agreements (i.e., operating agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, cooperative agreements)
  • Founder vesting equity incentive compensation
  • Intellectual property protection (copyright and trademarks)
  • Business protection agreements (non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and internet privacy policies)
  • Startup financing (creative fundraising) and capital raising; Securities compliance
  • Business mediation and arbitration contract clauses
  • Employee and independent contractor matters
  • Securities filings
  • Initial tax filings (EIN form, Form 1023 – IRS Tax Exemption, 83(b) protective elections, S-Corp election, sub-chapter T – “cooperative taxation”, Partnership tax work)
  • Entity governance (Board and shareholder resolutions, Board minutes and policies, Board development and governance best practices)
  • Local zoning

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