Education / Training

What Education & Training Does Positive Law LLC offer?

We offer FREE Legal Cafes and other Events, informative and inspiring articles on The Positive Law Blog, Community Enterprise and Mediation Resource pages, and helpful videos.  We also provide virtual & in-person one-on-one and group trainings and workshops.   Positive Law, LLC frequently partners with other business professionals, organizations, and schools to provide training, workshops, courses, or to be a guest speaker.

Who Can Benefit from Positive Law, LLC’s Training & Workshops?
  • Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders
  • Executive management teams of Cooperatives, Corporations, & Nonprofits
  • Board Members
  • Employees
  • Students  (including those studying business, cooperatives, entrepreneurism, law, nonprofits, economic development, leadership, public administration, urban affairs, agricultural, and much more.)
  • Legal, Business, Nonprofit and Other Community Development Professionals
  • Government, Organizations, and Community Groups

What Educational Business Topics Do We Teach? 

The following lists some sample course topics, but we also provide custom training and workshops:

  • Choice of Legal Entity for New Businesses
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Best Practices for Founders Agreements
  • How to Create a Sustainable Employee Culture
  • What are ESOPs and how do they compare to Cooperatives?
  • Worker-Owned Cooperatives 101
  • Best Practices in Worker-Owned Cooperatives
  • Nonprofit Board Liability
  • Business Plan Drafting
  • What are Cooperative Business Models?
  • Strategic Planning for Enterprise Growth
  • Important Partnership Agreement Considerations
  • Understanding Intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets)
  • Cyber Security (Data Privacy)
  • On-boarding & Off-boarding Employees
  • Employees vs. Independent Contractors
  • Best Practices Preparing for Business Mediation
  • Cutting-edge Legal Business Developments

Contact us at 1-800-806-1803 to discuss bringing a skills workshop to you online or in-person Northeast Ohio or beyond.