Online Security Policy

JUT online policy

At Positive Law, LLC we value your time and your privacy.  We have found that meeting virtually is often an efficient, easy, beneficial, and “green” (sustainable) way to connect with clients.  When possible and practical, we try to meet online.  To ensure that our clients are comfortable and protected, we take the time to research the best and most secure online methods for meeting, correspondence, and sending and storing client information and documents.  We regularly review and update our technology to ensure the finest and most secure customer experience. 

Currently Positive Law, LLC uses the Zoom platform for meetings.  We are familiar with and use security features when meeting with clients online.  When we meet online, all security and privacy features are enabled.   Only those invited to meetings are let in.  Once you are in a meeting from the waiting room, the meeting is locked.  The use of any recording device or chat feature is always discussed and agreed upon in advance by a client.  We only send and receive information and sign documents via encrypted, secure methods.  Further, we regularly check for security updates and install all security patches before using a platform.