Our Commitments

Positive Law in Cleveland values diversity, cooperation, innovation, and inclusivity in business
Our Commitment to Clients

We are committed to providing superior quality, cutting edge legal advice and counsel to our clients to ensure success — not only financially but also as leaders in positive development in their communities.  To this end, we are committed to helping enterprises learn about ethical, democratic, inclusive, and sustainable business practices.

Also, we believe in good communication with our clients.  This includes open and honest discussions and responding to phone calls and emails in a timely manner — normally the same day but no longer than 24 hours later (weekends and emergencies excluded).    

Our Commitment to the Community

We notably focus our efforts on assisting social enterprises, non-profits, collaborative and worker-owned businesses, circular economy enterprises, and community sharing initiatives.  We strive to assist enterprises that are good for people, communities, and the planet.

To this end, we provide entrepreneurs with a variety of free and low-cost community resources.  These include our online shared legal library, the Positive Law Blog, our free legal cafes, community workshops, and other community share initiatives. 

Our Commitment to the Planet

We engage in sustainable business (& personal living) practices.   From buying recycled business products (i.e., printer/copy paper, business cards, etc.) and upcycled office equipment, to sharing office equipment and office space, to recycling and composting our leftover waste. Not only do we keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you, we try to minimize our impact on the planet.  We are conscious of offering not only green consultations (virtual meetings), but also in person meetings near public transportation, and providing bicycle parking.  We want to not only be accessible to folks of all economic means, but also support safe public transportation and bicycle infrastructure in our community.  Such efforts also help reduce our carbon footprint.  We support business practices that are good for community members and good for the planet.  

Commitment to Our Team 

We think of everyone working with Positive Law as family and treat them as such.   We are all about sharing and collaborating.  We at Positive Law value diversity and strive to facilitate an inclusive and diverse work environment.  Whether you are an employee, contractor, intern, or volunteer, we are all part of an important team whose goal is to work together in a positive, supportive, caring, respectful, and fun environment.  Positive Law is committed to paying a living wage.